Colossus at 75: D-Day Commemorations

Colossus at 75 – Colossus at D-Day 1944 (The National Museum of Computing)
Colossus at 75 – The Event: Wrens remember Colossus in the run-up to D-Day 1944 (The National Museum of Computing)

On 29 May 2019, to celebrate the arrival of Colossus Mk II at Bletchley Park in 1944, Colossus Wrens and relatives of Colossus veterans gathered at The National Museum of Computing. A new display in the Colossus Gallery at TNMOC reveals some of the intelligence that Colossus helped decrypt from Lorenz messages between Hitler’s High Command.

We provided audio to this project, using the original sound recordings taken as part of The Imitation Archive of Colossus and other related materials from the decryption technologies used in World War II in the vital operation that led to D-Day on June 6th 1944.

This video series commemorates the breaking of Lorentz, the cypher technology used by the German High Command in the Second World War. The videos are part of the D-Day Memorial commemoration.