The Imitation Archive

Client: The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park and The British Library Sound Recordist and Composer: AudioGAMMA (Matt Parker) A Sonic Archive of Computing Technology Following a period of two months at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, AudioGAMMA sound artist Matt Parker recorded and archived over 100 sounds from the historic collection […]

Waterline: An Ode to Decay

Client: Athens and Epidaurus Festival Production: Dεcadēre Theatre Music and Sound Design: AudioGAMMA (Gary Salomon) Video Director: Constantin Pilavios DoP: Petros Nikolintai Credits: Capture / Décadēre Performance Direction by: Artemis Grympla, Alkistis Polychroni Motion Editors: Alkistis Polychroni Assistant Director: Eva Diamanti, Agapi Hliadou Costumes: Vasiliki Syrma Stage design: Alexandros Lagopoulos Lighting: Alexandros Alex Alexandrou

Hamlet & Οφηλία

A movement duo project devised through exploring the fragile relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia in Shakespeare’s great tragedy. Devised and performed by Alkistis Polychroni and Toni Mas Parés. Technical SpecsRunning Time: 59 minutesAspect Ratio: 16:9Original Format: HD videoAudio: 5.1Screening Format: DCPLanguage/Subtitles: English CreditsChoreography: Alkistis PolychroniDancers: Alkistis Polychroni and Toni Mas ParésSound: AudioGAMMA (Gary Salomon and […]